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IISE Events - Coming soon

IISE Case Competition

IISE is hosting its annual IE Competition! Come prepared to solve an optimization problem, and you could walk away with merch or other fantastic prizes! 

The competition will be open from April 15th to the 22nd. Open to all undergraduates.

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John Beering Presentation


John is currently the President and Board member at United Access. United Access works to create wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as other mobility solutions for handicapped people. John will be talking about how his time as a Purdue IE prepared him to be a leader in his respective industry.

Stacey Burr Presentation

Purdue Alumni Stacy Burr presented about her time in the emerging wearables industry last week, and taught about wearables and the challenges associated with designing these products!

Over the last 10 years, "wearables" have emerged as a high growth and popular consumer products category. Smart wrist trackers may be the most common form factor but wearables can also be found in rings, clothing, shoes, glasses, and implanted under the skin. Body-worn 24/7 wearables are arguably the most intimate form of hardware and sensors. Stacey Burr has been working in wearables for the last 20 years and will share some of the most challenging human factors and user-centered design issues associated with these products.


Workshop 3: MySQL

Workshop 3 is coming up and will be focused on learning MySQL. Look out for an email for more information!

Lean Green Belt Certification

Join IISE and participate in the Spring 2022 Lean Green Belt Certification to learn about various Lean topics and receive your Green Belt in Lean. Register by March 27th at 11:50 pm in time for the course starting March 28th! The material will be available in an online format for 6 months.

More information about topics and registration can be found here, or reach out to Rohit Mukerjee with questions:

Workshop 2 and Member Social

Last Thursday, March 10th general and board members came together for a workshop about "How to Influence Others," followed by a Member Social.

Career Options and Engineering Undergrad by Ben Fong

Ben Fong, the Associate Professor of Practice at Purdue, talks about different career paths after undergrad. Answering questions about when is the best time to get an MBA or should you get a PhD. He has been through it all!


Professor Fong gave a brief history of his career path and giving advice to undergrad students on how to carry yourself in your professional careers. 

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