Apply For The Board

The best way to get involved in IISE is to apply for a position on the board. Board interviews are held at the beginning of each semester. To apply for a board position, follow the steps below! 

Here's a sneak peak at the onboarding process each semester:

1) Callouts

Attend one of our callouts at the beginning of the semester to learn more about what IISE does at Purdue. For more information about each board, click here.

Callouts for Spring 2022:

(update coming once Spring 2022 app goes live)

2) Apply!

Apply for the board using this link. (update coming once Spring 2022 app goes live)

3) Interviews
Group interviews are held the second week of classes. You will go through two rounds of interviews, 7 1/2 minutes each, where you will be interviewed by Exec and Directors. Dress code is business casual.

4) Results!

The next morning, you should hopefully receive your acceptance email! We hope you'll accept and become a strong member of the IISE family.

If you are unfortunately not offered a position, you can still get involved. Become a general member of our chapter and stay in the loop by attending workshops, virtual alumni seminars, and more!

If you have any further questions about a specific board position, please contact the respective director.

Why Join?

Joining the Purdue IISE board brings many benefits:

- Meet several Industrial Engineering students younger, older, and the same age as you. You can study and take classes together, receive advice and mentoring from seniors, and pay that forward by giving tips to new sophomores and juniors who join the club as you near graduation.

- Make an impact serving on a specialized board. You'll gain invaluable experience working on teams, gaining the soft skills you need to become a great job candidate.


- After one semester on the board, you can run for a director or an executive position. It's a great way to meet more people, show employers you're a capable leader, and make a greater impact on the Purdue IE community

Ultimately, when you ask someone on the board what his or her favorite part of IISE is, the most common answer is the people. This organization is full of ambitious, fun, and welcoming undergraduates who want to make positive changes to Purdue. We want you to join.

See What We Do!

Explore our social media below to see what kinds of events you would be involved with on the IISE Board. You can also visit our Newsletters page to read about our past events. 

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