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IISE Ambassadors

Maddie Senior Cap+Gown-3[206] - Madeline McNarney.jpg

Maddie McNarney
Ambassador Director

Hi, my name is Maddie McNarney, and I am from Fishers, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. I am currently a junior studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management and Certificate in Data Analysis. I was drawn to IE because of the endless possibilities of jobs it gives me for after graduation and because I love the way that it perfectly combines business and engineering. More importantly everyone I had talked to in IE who was a senior absolutely loved it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!


Interests: Running, reading, hiking, dogs, skiing, yoga, the outdoors

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Women in Engineering Program, Purdue Old Masters, Greek Life, Purdue Ski and Snowboard Club

15DDB297-19D2-4697-A95F-AE4483CD03C0 - Caroline Cudney_edited.jpg

Caroline Cudney


Ben Anderson

Hello! My name is Caroline Cudney, and I am a junior in Industrial Engineering from St. Louis, MO. I am also working towards a minor in Psychology and Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. I grew up learning about IE because of my mom, and I knew it would be a good fit because I love solving problems dealing with efficiency and optimization. I enjoy the broad applications of IE that gives opportunities to work in many different industries and a variety of roles, so I can ensure I am always learning new skills and having new experiences. Please reach out with any questions you may have!


Interests: Reading, dance, traveling, rowing

Fields of Interest: Operations and Data Analytics

Involvements: IISE, Higher Ground Dance, FSCL Life


Philip Prabhakar

Hi, my name is Philip Prabhakar and I am from Avon, IN, a suburb just outside Indianapolis. I am a junior in IE with a minor in management, while also pursuing two certificates, one in applications of data science and the other in entrepreneurship. I chose IE because I felt it was the most opportunistic of the all engineering disciplines and I love how well it coincides with business. IE has given me the chance to work in a wide variety of roles and I definitely see myself working for a big corporation that allows me to travel all across the world!

Interests: Shoes, streetwear, Purdue football, basketball

Fields of Interest: Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Consulting

Involvements: IE 200 Mentor, EY & Accenture Case Competitions, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity


Rhea Bawa

Hi, my name is Rhea Bawa and I’m from Mason, Ohio. I am currently a sophomore in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management. I’ve always been interested in business and engineering and IE provides a middle ground between the two. I love how IE is so broad and has many different career opportunities. IE at Purdue has taught me critical thinking skills and continues to teach me how to make or do things better.


Interests: Traveling, coffee, hiking

Fields of Interest: Consulting, Data Analytics, Supply Chain

Involvements: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scope Consulting, Women in Engineering

Hi, I’m Ben Anderson. I’m a sophomore in IE with a minor in management. I’m from Peachtree City, Georgia and I chose IE because of the diverse and technical skill set the Industrial Engineering Program at Purdue provides. My personal favorite part of IE is all the incredible people I have met in the same major as me. I'm extremely thankful for the love everyone, from students to staff, has shown me. A Purdue IE degree can take you anywhere, and I'm excited for what the future has to offer!


Interests: Watching sports, working out, road trips

Fields of Interest: Alternative Energy, Project Management, Product Development

Involvements: IISE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, The Network for Engineering and Business


Kacey Akins

My name is Kacey Akins, I am a junior at Purdue from Tampa Florida minoring in management. I chose IE because I loved the business and problem solving aspects incorporated into the major. I always wanted to improve guest/patron experiences and felt IE gave me the best opportunity to do this! I love the freedom IE gives you in the Purdue curriculum and the work force. I have been able to intern at Universal Orlando in the business analytics and industrial engineering department and I am hoping to work there full time after graduation. Please feel free if you want to reach out with any questions or even grab coffee!

Interests: Theme parks, traveling, hanging out with friends, arts and crafts

Fields of Interest: Consulting, Human Factors, Supply Chain

Involvements: Delta Gamma Sorority, Head Lifeguard at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center

headshot - Charlene Fibbe.png

Charlene Fibbe

Hi! I'm Charlene Fibbe and I am from Hamilton Massachusetts which is 30 minutes north of Boston. I am currently a sophomore at Purdue University studying Industrial Engineering with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I chose IE because it is the perfect balance between business and engineering and can be applied to any industry. I really appreciate how IE has so many different career routes within its major. Ideally I want to focus on the optimization of manufacturing systems to become more sustainable. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about IE or some of my fields of interest!


Interests: Outdoors, baking, scenic walks

Fields of Interest: Lean Manufacturing, Optimization, Consumer Product Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Involvements: Women in Engineering Mentor Mentee, IISE, Greek life, Purdue Outing Club, Purdue Sustainability Student Council


Rohan Mansukhani

Hi, I'm Rohan Mansukhani, a junior from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I chose IE because I wanted to a technical engineering discipline that would allow myself to pursue opportunities in finance and well as gaining a fundamental understanding how businesses operate. IE has given me opportunities to apply improve investment systems within investment firms.


Interests: Skiing, soccer, tennis, traveling

Fields of Interest: Startups, Venture Capital, Private Equity

Involvements:Greek Life, Purdue Foundry

JoyDavis.Headshot.2022 - Joy Davis.jpg

Joy Davis

Hello, my name is Joy Davis, and I am from Crawfordsville, Indiana (only 30 minutes South of Purdue!). I am currently a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Engineering. I chose IE because I love the way that it combines business and engineering and focuses on the people who are affected by engineering decisions. I also love the broadness of IE- you can go anywhere with an IE degree! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about IE or any of my other involvements!

Interests: Longboarding, tennis, cooking, coffee, anything outside!

Fields of Interest: Environmental Sustainability, Automotive Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Campus House Student Council

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