IISE Ambassadors


Katie Adams
Ambassador Director

Hi! My name is Katie Adams and I'm from Granger Indiana. I'm currently a Junior studying Industrial Engineering at Purdue with a minor in management. I originally started out in Mechanical Engineering but made the switch to IE after the fall of my sophomore year. I found my love for optimization and efficiency in my day to day life, and was grateful to find a field of study that applied the same principles. With a degree in IE, I hope to be able to explore many different fields (supply chain, manufacturing, etc.) in order to apply the knowledge that I've obtained through my classes here at Purdue, while still being constantly challenged to come up with new and innovative solutions. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about IE!


Interests: painting, cooking, working out, candy crush

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Women in Engineering

Arushi Agrawal Professional Headshot - Arushi Agrawal.jpg

Arushi Agrawal

Hello! My name is Arushi, and I'm from Singapore. I am a Junior double majoring in Industrial Engineering and Economics. IE interests me because it will provide me with the skills and knowledge to take on almost any role. It's is versatile and technical enough that I can go into engineering, statistics, consulting, or even finance. A background in IE will not restrict my future opportunities but rather prepare me for them.


Interests: Baking and Music

Fields of Interest: Supply Chain, Risk Analysis

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Purdue Electric Racing, Women in Business, Purdue Acabellas

professional headshot - Madeline McNarney.jpg

Maddie McNarney

Hi, my name is Maddie McNarney, and I am from Fishers, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. I am currently a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. I was drawn to IE because of the endless possibilities of jobs it gives me for after graduation and because I love the way that it perfectly combines business and engineering. More importantly everyone I had talked to in IE who was a senior absolutely loved it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!


Interests: Running, reading, hiking, dogs, skiing, yoga, the outdoors,

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Women in Engineering Program, Purdue Old Masters, Greek Life, Purdue Ski and Snowboard Club

AndrewLiffHeadshot - Andrew Liff.jpg

Andrew Liff

My name is Andrew Liff, and I am a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management. One reason I chose to join the school of IE because of the vast amount of industries that I am able to go into with the degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue. Another selling point for me was the bridge that IE had between technology and the human side of industry, and this appealed to me because of my interest in working with people while also improving he work that they do.


Interests: basketball, watching movies

Fields of Interest: Process Improvement, Data Analysis

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Paint Crew Advisory Board

profile pic - Mitch Rose.JPG

Mitchell Rose

Hi, I'm Mitchell Rose from Plymouth Indiana. I am a junior in Industrial Engineering and transferred my sophomore year to Purdue University from Trine University and it was the best decision I've ever made for my education! I chose IE because I know how diverse of a career I could have with it. I am also pursuing a minor in management. With IE I hope be able to apply my skills to some impactful cause, hopefully something in energy or fighting climate change. As a junior I've already seen how I can employ my skills in potential real world projects which is very exciting! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about IE or some of my fields of interest!


Interests: Cooking, Gardening, Lifting, Tennis, Running

Fields of Interest: Energy, Environment, Emerging Technologies

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and System Engineers, Purdue Electric Racing, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Purdue Run Club

Rohan_Mansukhani - Rohan M.jpg

Rohan Mansukhani

Hello, my name is Rohan and I'm from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I am a sophomore in Industrial Engineering and am pursuing a certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I decided to pursue Industrial Engineering since it's so different than any other engineering major in it's ability to give graduates a diverse toolkit of skills that can be used in business applications. I love IE because I really enjoy learning a variety of skills and learning from such impressive professors at our top ranked program!


Fields of Interest: Venture Capital & Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, database management

Involvements: VC Analyst @Decibel Partners, Purdue Honors College

IMG_6243 - Emma Conklin-Yokel.JPG

Emma Conklin-Yokel

Hi, my name is Emma and I am from Bloomington IL. I am a sophomore in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management. I have always been interested in business as well as engineering and found that IE is the perfect combination of both of those things. With a Purdue IE degree I will have a wide variety of career path options that I cannot wait to explore!


Interests: Reading, Cooking, Yoga

Fields of Interest: Reading, Cooking, Yoga

Involvements: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Women in Engineering Outreach Leadership Team, WIEP Mentees and Mentors, Goss Scholars Learning Community