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2023 iise Lean green belt certification

Join IISE for the live-streamed Lean green belt certification! Learn to apply the right tool to the right process: 5S and muda, value stream mapping, point of use, SMED, pull, the seven wastes, visual workplace, identify what adds value for the customer, and continuously improve lean processes. The course will occur on March 24th-26th through a live stream format. 


Registration is currently open until Thursday, March 23rd at 11:59pm for the course. Early bird registration will be available until Saturday, March 17th for a discounted price. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity by registering below.


For more information, contact Conor Cronan at

Click "Register" below and log into your IISE National Account to receive a discounted price, or create a free account if you are not a member.
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