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Make a sponsorship donation

While employer entry to the Sigma Career Fair is free, please consider donating to the IISE Fall 2021 Industrial Engineering Scholarship Fund.

Instructions to Donate

Upon visiting, you are asked to choose your area of support in a window that pops up. Scroll down to "Other Designations" and check "Other". Then click “Continue.”

2020-12-17 17_43_48-Window.png

Input amount being donated.

2020-12-17 17_31_51-Window.png

Specify where funds are going by entering "Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers" and also by indicating the donation amount.

2020-12-17 23_47_54-Window.png

Fill out your information. If you graduated from Purdue, please select “Alumnus/Alumna.” Otherwise, please select “Friend.”

2020-12-17 23_59_35-Window.png

If applicable, fill out the section "Additional Gift Information" and proceed to checkout with the buttons at the bottom of the section.

2020-12-18 00_07_17-Window.png

Thank you for your donation!

Any Questions? Contact

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