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If you're enthusiastic about connecting with others, giving back to your community, and bringing IISE board members together, Programs is right for you. We're all about giving back, creating bonds, and balancing fun and professionalism within IISE. Take a look at what you could do on the Programs Board below!

The Philanthropy Chairs lead volunteer events like Adopt-a-Highway, Skip-A-Meal, and Winterization. Our desire to serve West Lafayette strengthens bonds and leaves an impact on the community.

The BiggIE/SmallIE Chairs pair everyone across the board with another member to foster friendships, new and old. They plan events like Taco Tuesday and Bowling Night.

The Social Events Chairs make plans for all IISE board members. Through events like kayaking and retreats, members get to know each other in fun, relaxed settings.

The Faculty Relations Chair connects IE students with faculty. He or she organizes events such as Coffee and Doughnuts and Luncheons that provide wonderful networking opportunities.

The Intramurals Chairs create and register teams in Purdue Intramural Sports to keep IISE active, happy, and healthy. Whether we win or lose, it's always fun to compete as an IISE family.

The New Member Relations Chairs integrate new members through meetings, dinners, and events. We warmly welcome all new members as they join the IISE family.

The Office Administrator Chair manages the IISE office. Their job is to ensure IISE board members have a comfortable place to study, hang out, and relax in our office.

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