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Public Relations & Marketing

Want a break from all that engineering homework? Want to explore your creative side and enhance the presence of IISE at Purdue? Take a look at what you could do on the Public Relations & Marketing Board:

The Merchandise Chairs create and distribute IISE merchandise. They show off their creative eye and make Purdue Industrial Engineers look great.

The Newsletter Chairs recap everything IISE in the past month. They discover their journalistic side as they write about IEs, fun gatherings, and professional events.

The Photographers attend IISE events to document all that happens within IISE. They are an important part of creating promotional material preserving our legacy.

The Digital Media Chair manages the IISE LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. He or she keeps everyone updated on current IISE events.

The Marketing Design Chairs create flyers and designs to advertise IISE events. They use their creativity to encourage avid and active attendance.

The Website Chair works on the website you're on right now. He or she has free reign to explore creative ideas while enhancing the look and feel of

The Alumni Relations Chair ensures that we maintain strong relationships with IE alumni. He or she updates the alumni database, gathers new information on alumni, and makes alumni newsletters.

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