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  • What do I need to do before the virtual career fair?
    Get your myCCO account established, if you have not done this already. Once registration ends on August 29th, links to Career Fair Plus will be sent to your email which you can then access to add your schedule for the day of the career fair.
  • As a representative attending a virtual fair, if I do not currently have a myCCO account, how do I register for the event?"
    If your company has a confirmed registration to a virtual fair, you will need to log into and use your email for your USERNAME and select Forgot Password. This will trigger a temporary password sent to you so you can log in.
  • How many representatives can we have at a virtual career fair?
    Your company can bring unlimited representatives to a company, however each representative will be required to have an approved myCCO account. Two representatives are free to bring, any additional representatives will be $50.
  • If I have representatives that are going to join me for a virtual career fair, how do I get them added?"
    The person that registered for the virtual career fair will need to go into their myCCO account, go to EVENTS>Career Fairs and open the Edit/Review button to modify their registration and add the new representative information in and resubmit. (Please note, this will bring your registration back to a pending status so the fair organizer will know a change has been made.) You can also contact the organizer of the event and ask them to add your information in for you.
  • Will every representatives need a Symplicity (myCCO) account?
    Yes, before they can chat with students. This must be done in advance of the date of the fair. (All accounts must be approved.)
  • How long does a representative have to chat with each student?
    The chat time is set for 10 minutes for the online fair.
  • Can two recruiters split the time of one during the fair? For example, if we have two representatives and they split the fair time so each are on-line for a set time?"
    You can manage the representative times for what works best for your representatives. Both representatives will need to have the instructions and url in their account. We recommend providing the students with specific instructions for each representative.
  • Can students see the notes of an employer?
  • Do students have to sign-up/reserve spots in order to talk to recruiters?
    Students will register for one 15-minute time slot with company and recruiter of their choice through Career Fair Plus.
  • What does an employer do if we have a last minute change in representatives attending?
    The best scenario is to have your information in for all the representatives as early as possible. You can add representatives in by logging into your employer account and editing your fair registrations. Please keep in mind, we require all accounts in myCCO be approved. This means, if you are a new representative in myCCO your account will need to be approved before you are able to go on-line.
  • Where do I go if I need help before, during or after the fair?
    There will be instructions available on the day of the fair on how to connect with a CCO Representative for assistance. Before, during, after - reach out to career fair director, may be additional person during
  • How do I set up my CF+ account to add my appointment times?
    Once the fair registration closes on August 29th, links from CF+ will be sent to your email which you can then access to add your schedule for each day.
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